LRM_EXPORT_20170207_174600-01Fabricating a lifetime memory based on the subject’s desirable stories, is the sole purpose of every photographs – Bogs Ignacio.

Attending A.B. Multimedia Arts at De LeSalle-College of St. Benilde, helps Bogs to perceive his ambition to provide caliber and perpetual shots. His passion, dedication and keenness to learn on photography, brought him the award of “Best of Multimedia Arts Student” in Digital Photography category at the Bright Lights awarding during his years in Benilde.

 Bogs breaks new ground in the Digital Infrared Photography, he pioneered the false colour effect in wedding and portraiture in the country. At 23, he was named “International Award Winning Photographer” after he excelled in a contest in the US conducted by the prestigious organization Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI), an organization founded in 1978 that helps their member photographers from all genres including portraiture, fine art, photojournalism, commercial, video, and advertising to provide exclusive information, programs and professional services to assist them with photographic artistry and business needs.

 Thru years of applications and exposures, he was able to assimilate that genuine aesthetic comes from natural and unrefined elements which leads to the creation of Signature Gallery.


Bogs Igancio is currently the youngest in Wedding and Portrait Photographers of the Philippines (WPPP) who received CWP (Certified Wedding Photographer) and WPPP’s MWP (Master Wedding Photographer). He was the two- time Photographer of the Year at the Bridal de Manila, received 1st and 2nd place for the WPPP’s Photographer of the Year, respectively and bagged the First, Second and Third Place Awards 2013 in WPPI – USA, were among his many major awards and achievements.

 He also received the “Master of WPPI” title in USA, given by the Wedding and Portrait Photographers International (WPPI). Bogs is the youngest among the three Filipino photographers who were awarded with such distinguished title. It was because of his determination to fabricate a masterpiece, enthusiasm to simpleness yet elegant, and devotion to explore every possible beauty of hidden regions both local and abroad. Fusing all this character with his dedication and hard work led him to the success and become one of the finest photographers recognised in the Philippines.

 Positioning his competence and commitment brought his name to the world of engagements and weddings. His techniques on natural, candid, light and romantic, lead Bogs to divergent of multi cultural places both local and international, where he further his understanding of elopements and unions. His interest on destination shoots added colours on his collections at Signature Gallery.

Recipient of Major Awards:

•  Master of  WPPI – USA

•  Honors of Excellence Award WPPI, USA

•  Master Wedding Photographer – MWP WPPP

• Certified Wedding Photographer – CWP WPPP

•  Photographer of the Year – WPPP

•  2 Time Photographer of the Year – Bridal de Manila

•  Photo of the Year – WPPP